A. KAMBUROV's ideas in design are being published in renowned specialized editions and his pictures are held by private collections in Sofia, Athens, Dusseldorf, Paris, Lugano, Milan, USA etc.

“Anastas Kamburov is a free artist and no one ever succeeded in depriving him of his essential right of being what he is - a man having a style distinct and unique, a man true to what he stands for, with no regards to the pressure of time and the political establishment - an uncompromising dreamer...
His work serves as a reminder of the great moral responsibility of the artist, it speaks the words that a man, being a painter is obliged to be honest and loyal to his art and it is not the results but the path leading to accomplishment that really matters. Passion, doubts, a circle of ups and downs - that is the price of the mission he has embarked on...”

Bissera Yosifova,
art critic, Deputy Minister of Culture
of the Republic of Bulgaria.


“The effect these pictures have on the viewers is so mighty, mesmerizing, grand, that it paralyzes their imagination and leaves them with no option but to surrender and follow it... The impact is amazing! The exhibition of Anastas Kamburov, held at the KRIDA - ART gallery leaves a powerful and overwhelming impression on the viewer’s imagination and sensibility. The power of the colours and subject matter of the canvases, their sheer energy and beauty represent the vast creative power of his talent.”

Stefan Kisiyov,
journalist at “Sega” newspaper